Letter: Frederick will fight for justice

I am disturbed by what I hear and read from some citizens regarding the race for the office of Commonwealthâ??s Attorney. Itâ??s not the kind of conduct I want for my community. I voted for Megan Frederick because I wanted change.

She won and the harassment began. Some of the powers in this town and county do not want that change. Megan Frederick is not afraid to stand up for justice. She does not show favoritism in the courtroom. If you have committed a crime, you go before the Commonwealthâ??s Attorney and Judge, she and her staff work hard to represent the victim.

Those of us who voted for Megan Frederick as our Commonwealthâ??s Attorney wanted representation. She has done so!

It appears to me, the attacks and lawsuits are a malicious attempt at interfering in our CAâ??s duties. Which also interferes with the courtâ??s docket?

If you want a Commonwealthâ??s Attorney who will fight for justice and represent the citizens of Culpeper County and Town, then re-elect Megan Frederick on November 3.

Sherry Letts