Letter: Double the dedication: Vote for Steve Nixon

Fiscal responsibility and involvement in the Culpeper community have been hallmarks of Steveâ?? Nixonâ??s life and nowhere is this better demonstrated than in his work to ensure that Culpeper has an outstanding airport.

Not only has our airport been developed to a point where it is a fully functioning, all weather economic engine, it has generated so much positive interest in the aviation world that it has attracted many aircraft owners from outside the county to fill its hangars. The result is an airport for which Culpeper taxpayers do not have to contribute to the operating costs that are now paid by the people who use it on a regular basis.

His backing of the Culpeper AirFest also shows Steveâ??s commitment to community life. The AirFest, that is free to the community, has been dubbed the â??The Best Little Airshowâ? in the East by the performing pilots.

In electing Steve we get a double act. A man who is dedicated to good fiscal control of the taxpayerâ??s money and is also heavily involved in the life of this fine community.

Vote for him!

Mike Dale