Letter: Deal focused on community

I am asking for your vote on November 3rd. Change is needed in much of our elected official arena, and I will provide great leadership in areas of community priorities.

First, I will lobby for an immediate temporary community center thatâ??s well managed at one of our existing gyms in town. We really lack recreation facilities, and I will work hard to provide more activities for our youth, adults and seniors, as well as developing a mentorship program. I am passionate about seeing this temporary center through and there are many options for a permanent center that will be little tax burden on our citizens. The YMCA just opened a center in Caroline County where the jurisdiction donated the land and built the facility which cost $5.1 million dollars that included hard and soft costs. The YMCA is then responsible for all operating costs and liability going forward. The cost to the county was $5.1 million dollars (not $24 million) which is the figure I hear being tossed around as an example of what a facility would cost in Culpeper. I will lead a campaign and will be the first to donate a contribution to cut into an approximate $5 million dollar cost. This cost is minor compared to the airport renovations that are proposed at $12 million dollars. These numbers can be validated by Barney Reiley, President & CEO of Rappahannock YMCA at 540-371-9622, ext. 1017.

Secondly, the citizens of my district know I have been establishing and maintaining a connection with them, and I will continue to do so through my term as a good representative should strive to do.

Third, I will strongly advocate accountability from all staff members and managers that are involved in competing with other jurisdictions in economic development that have the responsibility to bring in new businesses to our community. It appears that other board members are not concentrating on such accountability.

Fourth, citizens have been sharing school issues related to changing processes, teacher morale, and departures. I will immediately investigate these issues, a topic that I have been told is consistently deferred on by our current boards.

Lastly, I will review scopes and architecture design for renovation plans to be more creative. Can we renovate projects as â??do it yourselfâ? (DIY) and subcontract construction sequences in house to save 30 percent on a $20 million dollar renovation project? I truly believe I can save enough money with these renovation projects to build a community center. My opponent has been on the board for 12 years and I do feel new energy along with creative new ideas would be refreshing. Vote DEAL on November 3rd.

Gary Deal