Letter: Coffeyâ??s ethics and character questionable

Everyone should re-read Nancy Garrettâ??s letter in the Times and Benda Notokoesoemoâ??s letter of Oct. 15. Both letters ask the same questions to Pat Coffeyâ??s candidacy about his character and ethics. He speaks of making an ethical decision to report what an informant told someone who then told Pat Coffey. This informant said a Fauquier deputy was doing something dishonest. Three investigations later (Fauquier Sheriffâ??s Office, the State Police, the FBI) said nothing dishonest was being done or had been done. Pat was trying to do his utmost to try to embarrass Scott Jenkins and wouldnâ??t give up. For this he was fired from his job because it didnâ??t work, It really wasnâ??t about his ethics, it was about trying to make someone look bad. That doesnâ??t sound like character or ethics to me.

After telling everyone he wasnâ??t fired from Fauquier, he has finally admitted he was fired. What happened to truthfulness? Still no answer from him why a man with his training hasnâ??t been picked up by any law enforcement agency since his firing. Did he pay off his creditors as a man with ethics and character would do. We donâ??t know because Pat hasnâ??t said anything. How about those army uniforms that allude that somehow he was in the service? He has since backpedaled on this also. Has Pat said why he was sent home before his tour in Iraq was over (Mr. Artâ??s letter in the Star=Exponent made Pat sound like he was one of the most dependable and knowledgeable persons in Iraq) but none the less was sent home early. More ethics? Maybe Patâ??s ethics and character means not telling the whole truth all the time.

Robert Lehmann