Letter: Chernin will perform well as the next Commonwealthâ??s Attorney

I am writing today to express my support for Monica Chernin as Culpeperâ??s next Commonwealthâ??s Attorney. Over the past seven years, I was able to get to know her in both professional and social environments. Along with her commitment to uphold the law, I have found her totally trustworthy and incorruptible.

Monica brings a professional demeanor and integrity in the practice of law which sets her far apart from the other candidates. She always maintained a sense of fair play, even when dealing with uncooperative adversaries. When faced with questions of legal procedure or law, she often would go the extra mile to do the research required to prevent a costly or excessive litigation. As an experienced trial lawyer, she is well respected by her fellow attorneys, judges, clerks, and police. Both her education and over 20 years of experience makes her well qualified to serve as Culpeperâ??s Commonwealthâ??s Attorney.

As both a mother and a business owner she is deeply vested in Culpeperâ??s best interests. From firsthand experience, Monica understands the issues that face Culpeperâ??s youth. In addition, she knows the impact of crime on local business. Monica also is devoted to community activities, namely the project she started distributing pies to Culpeperâ??s needy during the holidays.

This coming November 3rd, I urge Culpeperâ??s voters to support Monica Chernin with their vote. I confidently believe that she would perform well as Culpeperâ??s next Commonwealthâ??s Attorney.

Robert Makielski