Letter: Bobby Ryan needs to stay on town council

It was 39 years ago that I met Bobby Ryan and I have found him to be a dedicated public servant. He has been committed to the welfare and economic development of the Culpeper community. Bobby is very concerned with maintaining the safety of our town. As a member of the Public Safety committee, he votes for allocation of funds for safety equipment such as body cameras and other state of the art equipment to protect our citizens of the town and our policemen. Bobby is also a strong supporter of the ongoing development and increased viability of downtown Culpeper. Consistently, he has endorsed measures to contribute support to economic development, tourism, Culpeper Renaissance and the Culpeper Chamber of Commerce. Bobby currently serves as Chairman of the Culpeper Media Network, board member of the Full Circle Thrift Shop and Vice President of Services to Abused Families (SAFE) in addition to his Culpeper Town Council committees and responsibilities. Bobby is committed to continue to work to strengthen our community and improve the quality of life for Culpeper families.

Please vote Robert M. (Bobby) Ryan on November 3.

William C. (Bill) Chase, Jr.
Stevensburg District Supervisor