Letter: An advocate to end domestic violence: Re-elect Megan

Every year since my sister was murdered, my family and I attend the candlelight vigil held in honor of victims and their families. This event means a lot to our family, as shown by our commitment to attend. No prosecutor spoke to us until after Megan Frederick was elected. She has attended every year, and every year she sits with our family and makes a point to remember our beloved Kim. During Megan’s second year in office, she approached me and wanted to know if I was interested in being more involved year round to help other victims of violence. I said yes. Megan immediately approached members of the domestic violence task force and requested a citizen, such as myself, be allowed to serve with them. When nothing happened, Megan approached me again and wanted to know if I had been put on the task force because she wanted citizens involved to ensure a real community effort was happening to stop the abuse. When I told her no, she said she would look into it. Soon after, I was invited to join the task force, and I have worked hard to help others stop the violence, raising money and speaking out.

I wrote this letter to ask you all to vote for Megan Frederick on Nov. 3. Because she is the only prosecutor who cared enough not only to spend time with us as a family, but also to let us do something more to help combat violence. Though her two opponents have been lawyers in Culpeper for over 20 years, neither of them have ever stopped to talk to my family or helped to get us involved in the community. One of her opponents, though he worked as a prosecutor in Culpeper for that period of time, never offered or helped us to participate in anything to honor my sisterâ??s memory. Please re-elect Megan and ensure crime victims are not forgotten.

Yolanda Shanks