Letter: A vote for Gary Deal is a vote for change this community needs

I have known Gary Deal for about 20 years when he coached me in the Youth Basketball League. Mr. Deal has always been a role model and shown great support in the needs of this community. Gary came to my door one Saturday afternoon and asked my family for his vote. This alone stood out to us as we have never had someone running for elected office knock on our door.

Garyâ??s background makes him the best candidate for overseeing the countyâ??s continued growth in the right direction. He has many years of experience working with VDOT in the areas of construction, and land acquisition, and the last 14 years with Loudoun County government as an engineering and land development manager.

As a taxpayer of this county I would rather see my tax dollars used toward a recreation center in which Gary has said he will advocate for rather than my tax dollars being spent on renovations and other things at our local airport.

As for our educators in the county Gary has many bright ideas to keep our experienced teachers in the county with competitive salaries.

Your vote matters. So, please on Nov. 3 get to the polls and VOTE FOR GARY DEAL.

James Hitt