Letter: Re-elect Scott Jenkins – Building relationships and making schools safer

With more than 15 years of law enforcement experience and working for four different sheriffâ??s in my career, I wanted to express my pleasure in working for Sheriff Scott Jenkins and the Culpeper County Sheriffâ??s Office. After working as a deputy in Spotsylvania for 10 plus years, I had reservations about working in a smaller office. I was accustomed to working with the best equipment, abundance of training opportunities, newer police cars, and maximal manpower on the road and in the schools.

In the 3 ½ years working under Sheriff Jenkins, I can honestly say I am confident that the Culpeper Sheriffâ??s Office is now one of the most professional, well equipped, well trained and community oriented agencies in the state. Working environments have improved dramatically with the addition of the new office. Deputies are equipped with newer/safer cars and equipment. Training standards have increased. Deputies are constantly engaging the community in positive ways. Each school is assigned a School Resource Officer along with the â??Every School, Every Dayâ? initiative which increases the amount of deputies in our schools. The Sheriff Jenkins Summer Sports Camps for four consecutive years have given deputies the opportunity to build and foster relationships with the youth of our community.

I not only support Sheriff Jenkins, I am proud to have the opportunity to work for a proficient law enforcement agency. On November 3 vote to continue the safety, service, and commitment that Sheriff Jenkins brings to Culpeper County.

Cpl. Marshall Keene
School Resource Officer (SRO)
Eastern View High School