Letter: Patrick Coffey and his candidacy for sheriff

In his Letter to the Editor (Star Exponent, June 24, 2015) Patrick Coffey asks the citizens of Culpeper County to vote for him as the next sheriff. There is some background concerning Patrick Coffey that the citizens of Culpeper need to know before going to the polls on November 3. The article reflects Patrick Coffeyâ??s total lack of transparency in his bid for sheriff. In an interview article (Star Exponent) he states that he was a â??patrol division commanderâ? in the Fauquier County Sheriffâ??s office. While that is true, Mr. Coffey fails to tell the voters why he was under investigation and why he is no longer employed by the Fauquier Sheriffâ??s Office after only a short time of employment. Mr. Coffey should be honest as to why he has not been in a law enforcement position since leaving the Sheriffâ??s office. Rather, as he has indicated, he is working for a non-law enforcement contractor.

Patrick Coffey also states that he left the Culpeper Police Department in June 2007. Again Patrick Coffey, apparently because he was passed over for promotion and because the new chief was hired from outside the department, does not tell the whole story.

When he left his position he strongly criticized (Star Exponent June 8, 2007) not only the Culpeper Police Department, but the Town of Culpeper as well. He stated, â??The Town of Culpeper and the Culpeper Police Department have made many decisions over the past two years which have prompted by decision to resign.â? he complained about empty promises, pay benefits, and lack of opportunities for advancement.

In a county the size of Culpeper, it is absolutely imperative that there be a positive relationship between the town police and the sheriffâ??s office. Patrick Coffeyâ??s comments about the town police would make that impossible if he was elected sheriff.

Mr. Coffey states that, after he left the town police, he worked for a year in Iraq, but he has not been candid about why he left that employment after only one year, especially since he highlighted that his salary there was more than double his salary with the town police.

Patrick Coffeyâ??s campaign signs, and in the interview article, state about himself â??character.â? In view of the above issues, Mr. Coffey should explain what he means by â??character.â? His signs (and articles) also state â??communityâ? and â??courage.â? Patrick Coffey needs to give specifics for these two descriptions of himself.

The citizens of Culpeper should remember Mr. Coffeyâ??s total lack of transparency, question why he has held and left so many positions and why he has not held a law enforcement position in recent years when they vote for sheriff on November 3.

Nancy Garrett