Letter: Hansohn has the experience and qualifications to keep her as the Catalpa representative

I would like to encourage the residents of Catalpa District to re-elect Sue Hansohn to the Culpeper Board of Supervisors. I have lived in the Catalpa District for more than 40 years; of those Mrs. Hansohn has been my districtâ??s supervisor for 20 years. She has done a wonderful job in representing the people of Culpeper. During this time she has developed contacts on the local and state level that enable her to get things done. Many times I have called on Sue for help and she has always come through with pertinent information and was able to find the information I requested. The contacts she has established during her tenure are invaluable and something her opponent canâ??t duplicate. Supervisor Hansohnâ??s opponent has no experience in local or state government of which I am aware. That lack of experience and contacts would, in my opinion, make it extremely difficult for her opponent to provide the aid and service that Sue is able to provide.

Her opponent and his supporters have tried to make non-issues into issues for this election. First, the noise ordinance – the county and local law enforcement offices have received more than 100 calls concerning noise problems. The county currently has a noise ordinance but it is essentially useless. After much discussion by the board and public input, the board could not find a suitable solution. Supervisor Hansohn was hopeful that a solution could be found; however, she realizes that it is a complicated issue and it is difficult to find suitable language that would result in a better ordinance. Second, it has been implied that Sue Hansohn is anti-gun. This could not be further from the truth. Sue is most certainly not anti-gun and strongly supports our Second Amendment rights. In my opinion her opponent and his supporters have tried to make issues where none exist. Sue has been an able and effective member of the Culpeper Board of Supervisors and has served as Chairman of the Board. Given her experience and qualifications, I feel she is most definitely the best qualified person to represent Catalpa. I encourage voters to re-elect Sue Hansohn as the Catalpa representative on the Culpeper Board of Supervisors.

Richard Stein, Ph.D.