Biz Bio- Davis Street Pier: Seafood brings a taste of the Ocean to Culpeper

Connections can be fun to make particularly when it involves people and food. So, what do the towns of Shallotte, North Carolina and Culpeper, Virginia have in common? Shallotte is close to the sea and there is no large body of water surrounding Culpeper. However, two guys, Mike and Steve Todd, with a love of seafood and small towns, have brought their seacoast roots to a restaurant in historic downtown Culpeper, namely the Davis Street Pier. Step inside and you are likely to be reminded of one of those Outer Bank vacations where you found a local place to eat great food while watching the waves roll in. Well, minus the crashing waves, Davis Street Pier will deliver on the ambiance and the food.

Twenty year Culpeper resident and manager Grace Gillispie embraces her role at the restaurant with gusto. â??This is a very people place and I love the people, â?? sheâ??ll tell you with a broad smile. She may not remember every name, but she can tell you what you ate and that could be anything from fish and chips or mussels marinara to some of the best burgers and shrimp po boys around.

While Bud Light remains a staple favorite, youâ??d be remiss if you didnâ??t check out their selection of more than a dozen craft and local beers. They also have a good IPA out of Chicago. â??I believe we have the most taps in town,â? said Gillispie.

Each night of the week there is a special going on whether itâ??s Taco Tuesday or karaoke on Wednesdays. Football fans can find specials on Mondays and Thursdays. Teachers flock for trivia nights. Live music keeps the place jumping on Fridays and Saturdays. Close to the Culpeper Farmers Market, Gillispie is never happier than when she can purchase those lovely green tomatoes that will be paired with soft shelled crabs for a fried green tomato sandwich to die for.

While you might not immediately think Italian when you visit the Davis Street Pier their chef has changed that. Born in Naples and now living in the United States with his family, Salvatore Illiano makes one of the best pizzas around and, Iâ??m sure if you asked, heâ??ll whip up a dish of cappellini and sauted vegetables hugged by some large shrimp and dusted with lemon and herbs – bellissimo.

September marks two years that the restaurant has anchored its place on Davis Street. The restaurant was full during the recent CRI sponsored Savor and Sip event and Gillispie is optimistic that more folks will return particularly for lunch where you can find a large selection of offerings, good prices and timely service.

In the works at the Davis Street Pier is a Customer Appreciation Day. â??We want to say â??thank youâ?? to all of our loyal customers,â? said Gillispie. â??Weâ??re thinking a fish fry, pulled pork…offer it free on an afternoon.â?

Also in the planning is some inside redecorating. Keep thinking pier when some large pilings make an appearance.

Remember how thrilling it is to find a sand dollar on the beach? The Davis Street Pier is one of those treasured finds and itâ??s closer than North Carolina.