Running for West Fairfax Board of Supervisors: Steve E. Nixon

Name: Steven E. Nixon
Age: 62
Place of Birth: Conway, SC
Education: Associate degree from NOVA in Admin of Justice
Employment: Retired VP, environmental, project and plant manager and purchasing agent.
Civic: Lions Club, Boy Scouts, Habitat â?? Past Volunteer, Culpeper Baptist Church â?? Past Deacon, Sound Team
Awards or recognition: Past District Chairman â?? Boy Scouts, Chairman Piedmont Workforce Network, Vice Chairman â?? River Basin Commission, Board Member Culpeper Renaissance, Pregnancy Centers of Central Virginia â?? Sponsor, Bluemont Concert Committee Member
Length of time living in Culpeper: I moved to Culpeper in 1980 and immediately fell in love with the area and shortly thereafter my wife Jeanne. We married and raised our family here. Itâ??s been a wonderful place to live.
Email address:
Phone: 540-825-5768

Why are you seeking elective office?
It has been an honor and privilege to represent the citizens of West Fairfax District and I have been encouraged by many to seek re-election. I believe my business skills, past work experience and community involvement make me uniquely qualified to respond to the challenges and opportunities of our community.

Name and explain three priority items you wish to see for the county?
My priorities are simple: foster economic development to increase the tax base and reduce real estate tax burden, provide a balanced approach to growth between commercial and residential, provide a quality school system with competitive teacher pay and adequate facilities, preserve and protect our quality of life.

What is your vision for potential growth near Catalpa along Rixeyville Road and the proposed Outer Loop since the water and sewer service area is in close proximity?
The proposed Outer Loop should take about two years to construct. So the economic climate may change and growth will mimic the economy. The comprehensive plan designates the Catalpa area as a Convenience Center and I believe over time that will occur as a good deal of the property in that area is zoned commercial. The Comp Plan designates the property along the Outer Loop as residential and I donâ??t foresee that changing although this could include some missed use development.

What do you propose to increase economic development and where do you see that happening and what kind of development?
The Board and I passed a business incentive program to encourage business location and expansion of existing businesses within the county. These include tax incentives, coordinated approval process, assistance with grants and other incentives. Technology, agribusiness, manufacturing and tourism have been our focus. As a community we strive to be business friendly. We create jobs, expand the tax base and support projects that expand the local economy. Our close proximity to Northern Virginia and lower housing costs will continue to increase housing demands and put more strain on our school system and emergency services. Our challenge is to maintain a sustainable growth rate so that infrastructure needs can be met with minimal tax consequences.

What is your opinion about purchasing town-owned property (the old police station) across the street from the courthouse to expand the courthouse?
The Board and Council have reached an agreement to purchase the police station. It is the Boardâ??s desire to expand the Courthouse at its present location. The police station property will afford expansion opportunities for either expanded parking or new courtroom space. Expanding the existing footprint is less expensive and is an effective use of tax dollars allowing us to allocate monies to other needs such as schools. Although there are no immediate plans, securing the property allows us to plan for future growth. The Courthouse complex is an economic driver and anchor for sustaining a vibrant downtown.

What is your opinion about holding a referendum to move the courthouse outside the town limits possibly to the county-owned 40-acre tract along Rixeyville Road near Catalpa?
While I have no objection to holding a referendum, I have heard from many constituents expressing their desire to keep the courthouse downtown. There may come a time when this is necessary but it will be very expensive. Estimates, nearly 10 years ago, were 40 million dollars to build a county complex. Unless or until there is no room for expansion or the cost for such expansion is prohibitively expensive, I donâ??t foresee this happening.

What is your opinion about exempting small farmers currently facing county machinery and tool taxes?
The Board is currently looking into options. It is our desire to help the farmer and to encourage farming operations within the county but we are limited by state code. The interpretation of which has caused some confusion as it relates to exempted classes. Exempting small farmers is pretty straightforward but large commercial operations are another matter. The code currently does not allow for distinction between the two. However, I am generally in favor.

What is your position about Culpeper joining a regional jail and the financial impact of joining a regional jail?
In general it makes good sense but there are some unanswered questions. What is the price to buy into the regional jail, how much bed space will be available on an annual basis, what is the per diem per prisoner housed and what are the associated transportation costs? The Board is currently exploring the possibility.

Would you support creation and funding for a county police department similar to departments in Prince William and Albemarle counties?
I am not in favor; this would generally be associated with a county executive type of government, which we do not have. Under this type of government, constitutional positions are incorporated under the County Executive, (County Administrator) which would include the Commissioner of Revenue, County Treasurer and the Sheriff. I am not sure how creating a county police department would be a cost savings or improve services.

What is something that most people do not know about you?
My sense of humor and my handy man skills. On a more serious note, friends and colleagues tell me that I am a viewed as a consensus builder and offer a reasoned approach to county issues.

The ad for Steve Nixon that ran in the Aug. 27 edition on page 8 contained an error. It will be corrected and run in the Sept. 3 edition. The Culpeper Times regrets any inconvenience.