Culpeper County School Board: Budgeting sooner

The Culpeper County Public Schools School Board met for a work session Monday night, and several board members offered suggestions for improvement. Board member Nathaniel Clancy (Catalpa) requested a quicker use of social media as a good way to engage the public. The Board questioned who would undertake the extra work responsibility. On hand were Randi Richards-Lutz and Maria Weiss who agreed to combine the news distribution through the web page, Twitter, and Facebook as a pilot study.

Board member Michele North (Jefferson) suggested the FY 2016 work session schedule be altered from last yearâ??s schedule. She would like to see the budget process begin earlier. While Elizabeth Hutchins (Stevensburg) said that teachers didnâ??t know their needs early in the school year, School Superintendent Tony Brads said such issues as compensation could be looked at earlier. Brads said he has requested a joint meeting with the Board of Supervisors in October, when school membership numbers are reported.

Rob Hauman, executive director of curriculum, instruction, and technology, presented a comprehensive School Improvement Plan (SIP) which matches and aligns the school board goals with the schools. While each school has a school improvement plan, Hauman and his team will first focus on those schools which need help. The team has an intensive calendar schedule to assist these schools. Those schools which are â??in warningâ? will have until October 1 to complete their plan.

While some commented on the large amount of assessments required for students, Dr. Brads said, â??Assessment is an integral part of instruction.â?

Student Screenings
Culpeper County Public Schools complies with Virginia regulations regarding screening of children in public schools. For children in Kindergarten, grades 3, 7, and 10, Culpeper County Public Schools conducts hearing and vision screenings within the 60 administrative days of the opening of school. In addition to hearing and vision screenings, children in Kindergarten and other students new to Culpeper County Public Schools are screened in the area of speech, voice and language and fine and gross motor skills. If students fail a screening, parents will be notified in writing. If you have questions about the screening process, please contact the Office of Special Education at (540) 825-3677, Extension 3134.