Arrest Reports- Culpeper County Sheriff’s Office: Aug. 19 – 25

Following are the county police reports from August 19-25. Reports are provided by the law enforcement agency listed and do not imply guilt, however are the charges placed by the CCSO.

August 19

Loretta Carr Hammonds, 28, 16000 block Bradford Road, Culpeper, eluding police – endanger persons or police car, driving with suspended or revoked license

William W. Parker, 51, 2000 block Riley Road, Amissville, contempt of court

Seth Cameron Kirk, 28, 16000 block Norman Road, probation violation on felony charge

William Arthur Kitchen, 25, 16000 block Racoon Ford Road, Culpeper, failure to pay costs, fines or penalties

Jose Bobby Lopez, 23, 800 block N. Aspen St., Culpeper, possession of marijuana

August 20

James Medley Mullins, 34, 17000 block North Merrimac Road, Culpeper, obtaining money by false pretenses

Trenton Scott Lively, 21, 4000 block April Lane, Earlysville, defeating drug and alcohol screening tests

Nicholas Cain Pullen, 20, 5000 block South Fort Valley Road, Etlan, failure to appear on misdemeanor charge

Debra Sue Blase, 62, 100 block Duke St., Culpeper, petit larceny

August 21

Steven Lewis Bowers, 30, 2000 block Ellis Road, Lignum, grand larceny, probation violation on felony charge

James Harold Myers III, 23, 19000 block Edwards Shop Road, Elkwood, defeating drug and alcohol screening tests

Timothy Boswell Jr., 24, 100 block Walkoma Drive, Remington, driving with a supsended or revoked license

August 22

Alonzo Alfredo Hernandez, 27, 100 block Aberdeen Drive, Culpeper, indecent liberties with child by custodian

Tyler Scott Colvin, 20, 200 block Sandy Creek Drive, Brightwood, driving after illegally consuming alcohol

Tyler Scott Gillow, 28, 700 block of Acorn Court, Warrenton, possession of schedule I,II controlled substance, stolen goods: buy/receive, larceny <$200 Kevin M. Young, contempt of court, 23, 11000 block Spring Meadow Lane, Culpeper, contempt of court

Erin Elizabeth Harvel, 23, 11000 block of Mitchells Road, Mitchells, assault and battery – family member

David Scott Gordon Jr., 23, 11000 block of Mitchells Road, Mitchells, assault and battery – family member

Aroldo Reyes-Ortiz, 28, 600 block of Highview Court, Culpeper, DUI, no drivers license

August 23

Pernell Lequinn Davis, 31, 100 block of Amelia Drive, Culpeper, firearm: receive stolen or aid in concealing

Richard David Fishback Jr., 26, 19000 block of Ferguson Lane, Jeffersonton, grand larceny, assault and battery – family member, monument: intentional damage, value <$1,000 Shana Cozine Quinn, 30, 100 block of Amelia Drive, Culpeper, stolen property: w/intent to sell, larceny <$200 Ernest Rocky Allen Kidwell, 30, 10 block of Kidwell Lane, Boston, failure to appear

August 25

Michael Raymond Navalaney, 41, 14000 block of Woodland Church Road, Culpeper, grand larceny

Derek Briggs Murray, 26, 20 block of Alta Vista Lane, Castleton, grand larceny, monument: intentional damage, value <$1,000