Old Boxwood/Farmland for sale

Less than a month following the purchase of the old Boxwood Recovery Center site along James Monroe Highway, owner Tom Underwood listed it and additional farmland he owns behind it for sale.

The asking price for the 215.16-acre parcel is $2,151,600.

The recently acquired old Boxwood site, known to the locals as Ruby Beckâ??s, fronts the more than 200 acre farm owned by Underwood.

When asked two weeks ago about his plans for the tract, Underwood wrote in an email, â??Currently, I am preparing the 200 acres to join my cattle and hay operation.â?

In an email this week, Underwood, who owns Underwood Farms, said he is still working toward that goal and doesnâ??t expect a buyer to emerge any time soon.

â??Last week, I was informed that a property I have been trying to buy for years may be available,â? Underwood wrote. â??If I can sell something, that makes the purchase easier. That said, there is little demand for large tracts in Culpeper, regardless of use. I decided to see if anyone would want to buy at considerably less than assessed value. I doubt there will be a buyer, but I wanted to make sure.

â??I have not stopped the work preparing the property for a cattle operation, and I plan to have the majority of the open area cleared, bush-hogged and fenced by the end of August. This will change if a buyer appears in the next two weeks, which I doubt.â?

The real estate listing calls the property, â??Exceptional flexibility, zoning for almost use! 215 acres, 10 ac. CS (commercial), 205 ac. R2 (2 homes/ac.).â? The listing also notes that the property has more than 1,000 feet of frontage on U.S. Route 29.

The property adjoins auto dealerships, dense residential subdivisions (Three Flags), and Culpeper Agricultural Enterprises. Main entrances are at the old Ruby Becks restaurant and motel, also known as Old Boxwood. Half open, half wooded.�