Nixon seeks another term to board of supervisors

Steve Nixon is seeking another term on the Culpeper Board of Supervisors. He is currently the Board Chairman.

Known for attending county and town functions whether they directly affect his West Fairfax constituents or not, Nixon says he hopes to continue the same practice if voters return him to the board.

â??I always try to listen to all sides,â? Nixon said. According to the three-term supervisor, he makes it a priority to seek common ground when dealing with county issues.

â??Wherever possible I try to apply a common sense approach,â? he said of his philosophy in governing.

During his 12 years representing West Fairfax, Nixon has helped oversee the transformation of Culpeper from a sleepy rural county to the dynamic community that has drawn attention for its restaurants, business climate and continued rural beauty.

Through it all, though, Nixon said he has worked hard to find fixes for community problems, while at the same time keeping the lid on expenditures and taxes.
Attention to the bottom line comes from his experience in private industry. The former FBI employee first worked as a pilot for Jefferson Home Builders then moved on to management positions with wood preserving operations in Culpeper and Illinois. His career brought him back to Virginia where he became the project manager for Dominion Growers when a 40-acre greenhouse was under construction. After that project ended he switched to Culpeper Wood Preservers as a lumber buyer. In 2003 he joined Greystone Homes as a purchasing agent. In 2005 he retired.

During Nixonâ??s tenure on the board, the county has built a new high school and elementary school. He supports education but is conscious of the need to keep costs down. In the same vein he worked to increase funding for fire and rescue operations in Culpeper but not at the expense of higher taxes.

The airport became self-sufficient during Nixonâ??s time on the board, as a byproduct of planning, tax reductions and hangar additions. County taxes do not pay for its operation, according to Nixon, one of the goals he had from his first term.

Nixon points to the reduced county budget as an accomplishment he shares with others on the board. From 2008 to 2012, according to Nixon, he helped cut the county budget by $20 million — without a reduction in service.

The list of shared board of supervisor actions is extensive:

New building for sheriffâ??s office at a reduced cost to consolidate departments

Provided space at landfill for Soap Box Derby

Stable tax rate, only increasing to address specific needs: for example the school renovations and construction of Eastern View High School.

Water and Sewer Agreement between Town and County, which has become a model for Virginia.

The county negotiated with the town to reduce BPOL tax on annexed property and businesses.

Nixon is married with two adult children. His facebook page is