Curd Quips: Cherish each choice of cheese

Itâ??s a bad day when someone can make you buy too much of something perishable. Something that you may love, but instead of cherishing and relishing your purchase, you end up resenting that you ever bought it in the first place. Call it buyerâ??s remorse. Watch your mind begin to plot ways to use it in mass portions to relieve yourself of the burden it has become. Worse still, watch it fall to ruin and have to stomach the cost.

You should have a plan for the cheese that you buy. That, and plan to buy just what you need. Cheese is alive and does not take well to freezing. Preservation is best done in oneâ??s stomach. Cheese Paper, with its micro perforations like Gore-Tex for cheese, is awesome for storing cheeses in the fridge just not forever.

Establishments that promote bulk buying have engrained a sense of normalcy in us about this kind of bulk buying practice. They have sneaked into our lives and have become dictators without us even taking notice. â??Buy this- you need it,â? the prices whisper to you, and suddenly you have purchased enough feta to host a Greek wedding. I know â?? I tried it once years ago. Three pounds is a lot of cheese to consume. As a result, I swore off feta for nearly a year afterwards.

While oversized solutions can work if you run a restaurant, are hosting a graduation party, or have a huge family of cheese- lovers under one roof, a pound of cheese is a lot to consume.

Consider that a pound of cheese can take five quarts of milk to create. Thatâ??s more than a gallon of milk in each pound.

With the possible exception of ancient Roman times, dictators have been historically bad for the nations they rule over, and the world. These prepackaged bulk cheeses look enticing at first but are dictators. They have taken your power to choose the portion of cheese you want.

Shouldnâ??t you be able to select a portion thatâ??sâ?? relevant to your lifestyle? The first step to taking down any dictator is awareness of the condition. Consider this a wake- up call. A burst of realization about right sizing your cheese purchases to something that fits your lifestyle. Taste and select cheeses at their peak and learn that buying less can truly be more satisfying.

Jeffery Mitchell is the owner of the Culpeper Cheese Company. He is also a freelance contributor with the Culpeper Times. You may reach him at or 540.827.4757.