Learn about the Mother of Motherâ??s Day at historic Salubria in Culpeper County

Motherâ??s Day is celebrated this year on Sunday, May 10. For many of us, itâ??s a holiday that weâ??ve grown up with, a time to celebrate or remember our mothers.

While mothers have been honored for centuries in different countries, one important name associated with the present day Motherâ??s day celebration is Anna Jarvis.

She started her efforts with a â??Motherâ??s Friendship Day.â? She wanted to be supportive for the victims of those affected by the Civil War.

Wanting to pay tribute to her own mother, who taught Sunday school for many years, she lobbied with a Methodist Church in West Virginia, for a special Motherâ??s Day service which then grew to a national effort to have mothers honored.

The first Motherâ??s Day proclamation was issued by the Governor of West Virginia in 1910. By 1911, there was not a state in the union that did not have its own observances for Motherâ??s Day. By the time of Anna M. Jarvisâ??s death, over 45 countries observed the Motherâ??s Day.

Please join The Germanna Foundation for a short presentation by Dr. Katharine Brown about Anna Jarvis, the founder of Motherâ??s Day and her Germanna and Culpeper connections at 1 p.m. on Saturday, May 9, at historic Salubria in Stevensburg, Virginia.

The mansion will be open for walk-through tours immediately afterwards until 2:30 p.m.

Admission is free and donations are welcome.
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