Greg’s Corner: Whatâ??s changed at the hospital?

It happens often. Someone will stop me in the grocery store or walking downtown and ask, â??Whatâ??s changed since UVA purchased the hospital? Whatâ??s different?â? While my words may vary, the message is the same. Our relationship with UVA is a significant positive for the hospital, our employees and, most importantly, for this community.

I could tell you about the financial stability now afforded us. I could tell you about the reinstated merit increases and retirement matching for our employees. I could highlight new providers and specialists we will be bringing to our community. But perhaps the following story sums it up best.

Patty Grimm was driving to a meeting in Orange on a sunny May morning. As a medical sales rep in the prime of her life, she had a positive outlook on life. Suddenly, her world changed. An impaired driver crossed the center line on Rt. 15 and hit her head on.

Patty was taken to UVA Medical Center where she received traumatic orthopedic surgery. Patty was lucky to survive, and certainly never thought sheâ??d walk again.

Itâ??s been four years since that fateful day. Sheâ??s had 12 surgeries with orthopedic specialists at UVA and received more than 200 physical therapy appointments with our team at UVA Culpeper Hospital Rehabilitation Services at Powell Wellness Center. Sheâ??s also walked across the Brooklyn Bridge, stood unassisted in the waves at the beach and hopes to ride her bike across the Golden Gate Bridge.

This remarkable recovery wouldnâ??t have been possible without the collaboration between UVA Medical Center and UVA Culpeper Hospital. Being a part of the UVA Health System assures our community we have access to the specialists at UVA Medical Center, like Dr. David Weiss, the traumatic orthopedic surgeon who cared for Patty, as well as the care we provide in our community, like physical therapy in Culpeper and Madison. This partnership allows us to provide the right care, at the right time, in the right place.

We believe being part of the UVA Health System is a benefit to our community. We hope you do too. And if ever in doubt, just think about Patty. At UVA Culpeper Hospital, weâ??re proud to be part of UVA and part of our community.

Greg Napps is the Chief Operating Officer at UVA Culpeper Hospital.