Neighbor You Should Know: Steve & Sally Buchanan

For several decades, Steve and Sally Buchanan have operated their radio station. Itâ??s always been more than sharing music. Itâ??s been sharing their ministry. Programming includes inspirational and informative talk shows on a variety of topics. They moved their station from Warrenton to Culpeper several years ago and from their vantage point on Davis Street can see and hear much of the activity that surrounds them. Itâ??s a daily reminder of why they love Culpeper. The community that has long listened to them on the radio can easily stop by for a visit. They love what they do and are here to serve and hear the heart of the community.

Name: Steve and Sally Buchanan

Work: Founders of Praise Communications, Inc. and Operators of WPRZ­FM 88.1 Your local Christian Radio Station! Steve is the President of Praise Communications, Inc. and Chief Operator of WPRZ­FM. Sally is The Secretary/Treasurer of Praise Communications, Inc. and General Manager, Program and Music Director of WPRZ­FM

Family: We moved to Jeffersonton in Culpeper County in the early 80s where we raised our three children, Steve, Lisa, and Shannon, who all went to school in Culpeper. In 1999, we built our present house, with Anthony Clatterbuck as our contractor, four miles outside of Culpeper where we still live. We are blessed to have lots of family nearby including three sisters, lots of nieces and nephews, our kids, two grandkids, and one great granddaughter.

Where is your favorite place in Culpeper? Itâ??s our home! We have a beautiful pond with ducks, have 30 chickens, three cats, a great front porch swing, and a very productive vegetable garden on about 8 rolling acres. And, of course, we have WPRZ­FM playing in every room of the house including the screen porch!

What is your favorite place to eat: Besides, our screen porch in the spring and summer, we love Country Cookinâ?? during WPRZ­FM week once a month when they give WPRZ 10 percent off the receipts from people who say they want to support WPRZ through their meal. Also, Chick­-fil-­A because they are so good to help us out with prizes for our contests and promotions.

What is our favorite book or movie! Our favorite book is the Bible. Steveâ??s favorite movie is Jeremiah Johnson, and Sallyâ??s is â??Little Womenâ?. We are looking forward to seeing the new movie â??Beyond the Maskâ? being shown at the Culpeper Stadium 4 on Main Street at 7:30 p.m. on Monday, April 6th. Weâ??re giving away 10 pair of tickets on the air so be listening! Find out more at

Are you involved in civic groups or church activities? Yes we are! We are members at Novum Baptist Church where Jeff Light is the Pastor. Pastor Jeff even volunteers on the air on Friday mornings. The church has been so supportive and helpful getting WPRZ­FM established in Culpeper. We simply love our church. We also thank all the other wonderful churches in Culpeper who have been so supportive of the station. We are members of the Culpeper Chamber of Commerce and hope to be more active once the station is properly funded.

What restaurant or retail store would you like to see come to Culpeper? We think we have the best of everything right now!

Who has had the most influence in your life? No question about it for both of us. It was Jesus!

If you could wave a magic wand and change something about Culpeper, what would it be? It would be that everyone living in this lovely place would come to have a personal relationship with God through Jesus. Then everyone would have assurance in their heart that they will go to heaven when they die. We are all going to die one day. Then it will be too late to change ones mind. We have dedicated our lives to God for that purpose. To tell the Good News to all who will listen. It is Godâ??s desire that no one perish!

What would you do if you won the lottery…big time? Use it to fund and grow Praise Communications, Inc!

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