Bossio leaves legacy as leader

In just a few short days, Culpeper will see a fine public servant retire who has contributed so much to shape our community that is a special place we call home.

Frank Bossio retires as county administrator at the end of the month.

Before beginning his service in the county, Frank served our country with honor. He served in the Navy for more than 27 years, retiring as a captain in charge of Cecil Field in Jacksonville, Florida. I cannot thank Frank enough for his devoted service to our nation.

But it is his service closer to home that really stands out.

I worked in government for 36 years, including 21 years as Director of Culpeper Human Services and also 11 years as a councilman and mayor of the town of Culpeper. In those roles, I had many contacts with Frank to discuss issues important to the agency and to the town.

Although Frank was the county administrator, he never lost sight of the fact that the town was the centerpiece of the county. He realized the value a thriving downtown would have on businesses seeking to move to Culpeper.

Frank worked tirelessly with government leaders to achieve a water and sewer agreement between the town and county that would bolster economic development.

During the harsh economic times of the Great Recession, as real estate values plummeted and county government tightened its belt, Frank made some difficult and sometimes painful decisions.

I remember going to Frank seeking funding for Culpeper Human Services that was lost through state budget cuts. We both knew we had to cut some programs and scale back others at a time when the need was greatest.

Frank may appear to be a tough military type but he let his emotions show, almost to the point of tears, when the county budget simply could not make up difference.

Filling Frankâ??s shoes wonâ??t be easy. His footprints and fingerprints are all over Culpeper. His legacy will live on as Culpeper continues to benefit from positive initiatives he played a role in starting.

I personally wish Frank the very best.