CJ Johnson announces candidacy for sheriff of Culpeper

Dear Culpeper Citizens,

My name is CJ Johnson, and Iâ??m seeking the office of Sheriff of Culpeper County. A longtime Culpeper resident, Iâ??ve worked as a law enforcement officer locally for more than 20 years, with more than 18 years with the Culpeper County Sheriffâ??s Office and more than three years with the Madison County Sheriffâ??s Office. My career as a public servant is one that I truly love, and it would be my honor to serve you.


Because Iâ??ve had many years of experience across multiple positions in the sheriffâ??s office, Iâ??ve gained the invaluable knowledge necessary to lead the sheriffâ??s office as Culpeperâ??s community continues to grow. Moving the office forward in an organized manner and in a positive direction, the communityâ??s well being is my number one priority. In addition, Iâ??ve gained significant business management experience throughout my career, supervising numerous employees, handling all human resource functions, and assisting with establishing and maintaining multimillion dollar budgets.


As your sheriff, Iâ??ll strengthen relationships both with my colleagues at the sheriffâ??s office and with our community. I believe in treating everyoneâ??citizens and colleaguesâ??with respect and decency. Iâ??ll ensure that every Culpeper County Sheriffâ??s Office employee is held accountable for treating people with the same courtesy. You should expect nothing less from the highly trained professionals entrusted to protect your families, homes, and businesses.


Most importantly, Iâ??m committed to introducing transparency to internal processes by establishing a grievance procedure for the sheriffâ??s office. The procedure will include an external review process and community feedback.


Additionally, Iâ??ll establish a citizenâ??s advisory board to address key issues countywide. Because children are our most important resource, Iâ??ll assign a school resource officer to each of our schools, offering D.A.R.E. at each appropriate level. Iâ??d like to strengthen communications with other professionals in the community, including prosecutors, other law enforcement agencies, fire and rescue personnel, our school system, and community and civic organizations.

Community, integrity, and commitment are what I offer you when you vote for me in November. Iâ??m confident you and I can build a better Culpeper together.

For more information visit online at cjjohnsonforsheriff.com or CJ Johnson for Sheriff on Facebook.

Respectfully yours,
CJ Johnson
Independent Candidate for Sheriff