Breaking news alert: Vicious dog at large in Richardsville area – now captured

Culpeper County Sheriffâ??s Deputies continue to search the Richardsville area for a vicious dog at large after it attacked three people on Halls Road last night.

At about 4 p.m. yesterday (January 25, 2015) deputies were dispatched to the 22500 block of Halls Road, where the brownish-red pit bull attacked its owners, injuring one juvenile and one adult, both of whom were transported to Culpeper ER. The six-year-old female victim was then transported to UVA Charlottesville for facial injuries. The 52-year-old female patient sustained injuries to both legs and her right arm.

Sheriffâ??s Deputies and Animal Control started a search for the dog.

At about 6:30 p.m. the Sheriffâ??s Office received a second report of a dog bite on the same block of Halls Road. The attack occurred 30 minutes prior to the call. The six-year-old male victim had been transported to Culpeper ER for foot injuries after a resident shot the dog, wounding it.

A Code Red message was sent at about 8 p.m. and posted on CCSOâ??s facebook page.

CCSO units, Animal Control, Virginia State Police, and Richardsville Fire and Rescue searched until after midnight, finding a blood trail and utilizing thermal imaging, and Sheriffâ??s Deputies patrolled the area throughout the night. Extra units will be in the area this morning during school bus pick-up times. The search will resume after sunrise.

Sheriff Scott Jenkins is asking residents in the area to exercise caution when outdoors. To report a sighting, please call dispatch at 540.727.7900 or 911 for emergencies.