Athlete of the Week: Bryan Ramey

Editor’s note: Throughout the local high school sports season, Culpeper Times will recognize an â??Athlete of the Weekâ? from one of the sports. This week we are featuring wrestling. At the end of the year the Times will select a male and female athlete at both Culpeper County and Eastern View high schools and recognize them as â??Athlete of the Yearâ? at their respective schools.)

By any measure Eastern View wrestler Bryan Ramey is an exceptional athlete. The senior grappler has two 4A State Wrestling Championships on his resume and the 132-pounder could be poised to earn third this season.

Last weekend, at the annual Sherando High School Tournament, the Cyclones garnered top-team honors finishing 6-0. The Cyclones also had six wrestlers finish undefeated.

â??We did pretty well. As a team, I think we stepped up when we had to and won the tournament,â? said Ramey, who won six matches in the tourney.

Five of his teammates finished the day undefeated including Bret Shurina (138 pounds), Matt Laird (145), Kaden Woodward (152), Tyler keen (160) and James Layher in the heavyweight bracket.
Ramey has a quiet confidence and calmness in his descriptions of wrestling matches. On the mat he wrestles and he wins, thatâ??s his formula.

â??Iâ??m not purely based on myself like I may have been in the past. This year thereâ??s more of a team effort to improve,â? said Ramey. â??We have a team that can be very good. This year, Iâ??ve enjoyed trying to help our younger wrestlers more. Itâ??s tough in a way because we all know each others moves and we often mirror each other on the mat. Itâ??s like wrestling yourself sometimes.â?

Last season, the Cyclones finished fourth in the state team finals just shy of a state title. They lost quite a few talented seniors, but this year Eastern View appears to be improving from meet to meet.
In its short history, the Cyclones have built a high standard for their wrestling program. Ramey has been an essential cornerstone of Eastern Viewâ??s wrestling team over the last three years. Historically, he has to be considered one of Culpeper Countyâ??s top wrestlers. One would be hard-pressed to find a high school wrestler with two state titles prior to their senior year.

â??I donâ??t really think about having two titles. I really focus more on the present,â? said Ramey. â??I know Iâ??m a good wrestler, yet I also know that I still have to improve and win my matches this season, nobody cares about what youâ??ve done. I focus on whoâ??s in front of me on the matâ?¦itâ??s about whatâ??s happening now.â?

Ramey has wrestled since he was 4-5 years old and he had countless unreported matches with his brother and friends. He has enjoyed wrestling and excelled at it, yet he knows this will probably be the last year he walks out on a mat.

â??I think itâ??s probably more fun to win as younger wrestler. As a senior, I know there are expectations but I really donâ??t concern myself with itâ??I know whatâ??s ahead and where Iâ??ve been. Thereâ??s a certain calmness knowing that,â? said Ramey. â??I know that Iâ??m not going to wrestle in college.â?

Coaches at all levels have played an important role in Rameyâ??s wrestling success and in his life.

â??My coaches are family, theyâ??re like fathers to me,â? said Ramey.

The senior also expressed his gratitude for his mother, who has always supported and encouraged him over the years.

â??Sheâ??s always been there for me,â? he added.

Next year, Ramey wants to attend Randolph College, in Lynchburg and pursue a career in chiropractic medicine or as a physical trainer.

The Cyclones will travel to Orange County on Wednesday then they travel to the Musselman tournament in West Virginia this weekend.

Marshall Conner is a freelance contributor with the Culpeper Times. You may reach him at