Vote for Jack Trammel twice on Election Day

For whom should you vote? Dave Brat offers only Tea Party rhetoric. He wonâ??t face anyone in real debate. Jack Trammell has appeared all over the 7th District answering all questions directly, honestly, intelligently and with care and concern. He wants legislators to start working together to solve problems and end the gridlock in Congress. And, you can vote for him twice — once for the term starting in January 2015 and again as the candidate to fill Eric Cantorâ??s unexpired term â??vacant since August 18.

Prepare yourself to vote by (a) doing your own research, and (b) comparing and contrasting each candidateâ??s interactions with the voters and with each other. Iâ??ve cited some sources here â?? I hope they will spur your own efforts to make mindful voting decisions.

Jack Trammell offers real, no-nonsense recommendations about how to work with people of all political persuasions. Recently in the Richmond Times Dispatch, he explained his commitment to fiscal responsibility, protecting vulnerable Americans, and upholding the visions that have led to Americaâ??s greatest moments. As an experienced manager, he will tackle the practical reforms needed to improve the Affordable Care Act; he will work to protect the retirement of seniors; and he will cross party lines, as necessary. With his family of seven, including an Afghanistan Wounded Warrior, Jack recognizes peopleâ??s problems as real problems, not as ideological categories. He believes that, â??We need leaders who are ready to fill the hole in the middle that is the root cause of the malaise in Washington. Such leaders should come not from the ranks of party insiders, or from the fringes of extreme movements, but in the Virginia tradition of the common citizenâ??s experience that we can all relate to.â?

As an educator, he knows that the No Child Left Behind legislation, and more recently, Common Core have resulted in little tangible progress for struggling schools especially in key areas. He recommends holding the accountability movement accountable, downsizing the Department of Education, and returning autonomy to states and local school systems. Likewise, Jack knows the challenges of supporting a vet who has to deal with the Veterans Administration. He suggests specific remedies that will care for our veterans and save billions of dollars.

As a small farmer, Jack recognizes our needs. He points out that roughly 80 percent of the 7th District is rural or has no access to broadband. The 21st century market thrives on broadband technology, easy access to markets and the ability of workers to move around quickly and efficiently to the available jobs. Read more in the Richmond Times-Dispatch about Jackâ??s specific suggestions to deal with these issues:

Listen as Jack speaks with conservative radio talk show host John Fredericks at

By the time you read this, voters will have just had an opportunity to watch the Goochland County Chamber of Commerce Forum on October 23. Although the candidates will speak to previously submitted questions, they will not be able to address or question each otherâ??s comments. Why? Because Bratâ??s handlers are afraid of what might happen. I urge readers to go back and look for the results of this forum.
Dave Brat is hiding from his opponents. Is he counting on gerrymandering and disenfranchisement to get himself elected? His handlers know that moderates will be dismayed by his far right extremism. Jack Trammell is not hiding. As he proved again last Tuesday night in Culpeper before a large enthusiastic crowd, Jack has the practical skills and vision that can help citizens achieve their own dreams, as well as propel Virginia back into the forefront of leading the nation.

Michael McClary
Culpeper County Democratic Committee