The Virginia Senatorial Race: Vote for Ed Gillespie

On November 4th, Virginia must choose between two candidates for the United States Senate, six- year incumbent Mark Warner and his opponent, Ed Gillespie.

It is easy to tell you what Ed Gillespie will do in the Senate. He will not be Mark Warner. His solutions will be in direct opposition to Warner’s. Gillespie offers a specific agenda: replacing Obamacare, making America oil independent, ridding American businesses and individuals from overbearing regulations, simplifying the tax code, introducing educational reform by increasing charter school presence and needed competition, reducing the federal government’s spending by eliminating duplication within and between agencies, finding and halting ludicrous pork projects that are slowly sucking our tax dollars down the drain, and opposing Obama’s amateurish foreign policy detrimental to national security.

Despite touting himself as a business man, Mark Warner has a 29 percent lifetime small-business voting record, and Ed Gillespie has been endorsed by the National Federation of Independent Businesses. Mr. Warner’s track record must be understood before voting.

Mark Warner has been in politics for a very long time, the last six years as one of Virginia’s senators. Publicly, he has promised many things, but he votes along the Democrat Party line over 95 percent of the time.

Warner supports Cap and Trade, that’s â??taxing carbon.â? Cap and Trade is a regulatory system meant to reduce emissions and tax those who make more than the government deems necessary.
Based on global warming, an entity science has yet to prove, this is just another tax on Americans.

His vote allowed Obamacare to pass, and he is OK with staving off premium rises and the punishing employer mandate that allow plans to rise 14 percent until after the election. He also lied, â??Iâ??m not going to support a health care reform plan thatâ??s going to take away health care that youâ??ve got right now or a health care plan you like,â? however, 250,000 Virginians will lose their healthcare arrangements this year. Gillespie’s plan would reduce insurance premiums, enhance access to doctors, and increase people with private insurance by 6 million more than Obamacare, and give tax credits to everyone who buys health insurance in the individual market.

Warner supports Obama’s bombing strategy in Iraq being is OK with the â??Bombing for 2014 Votesâ? campaign that the President started, making us believe he wants to â??dismantle and destroyâ? ISIS. He is OK on the twisted plot of sending our military to African Ebola death pits and the inexperienced fund raising Ebola czar. He has no solution to our border security. He is OK abolishing restrictions on buying guns affecting only our veterans. And Warner is OK with the President’s most Un-American statement, â??Ordinary people are too small minded to govern our own affairs and must surrender our individual rights to a world order.â?

Really? Is this a man Virginia wants as a senator?

Warner discussed the possibility of several jobs, including a federal judgeship, for Sen. Puckett’s daughter to dissuade him from quitting the evenly divided state Senate. This should be considered a bribe, and Virginians should question whether to trust this man.

Lastly, Mr. Warner voted against a floor vote on the Keystone Pipeline as well as voting against off shoring drilling to free America from foreign oil dependency.

Overall, Virginians must decide on new blood in these divisive and polarized times or continue on with â??politics as usual.â? Mark Warner has had plenty of time to make a difference, and he has not. Warner’s campaign has only negative smearing ads, no solutions, so Warner may well be relying solely on his name to get elected.

Virginians should now be able to see how ineffective Warner has been and must vote to remove him. Ed Gillespie’s solutions will benefit us all. Virginians must be satisfied that our Senators are working for us and America rather than playing politics for their own good. Continuing the status quo is a losing proposition.

For the sake of Virginia and the Nation, Republicans must take control of the Senate! Vote for Ed Gillespie and leadership we can trust.

Thomas Neviaser is a retired orthopedic surgeon, author and political commentator. He lives in Rixeyville. You may contact him at