Students can double their degrees upon graduation

Students can double their degrees upon graduation

Germanna Scholars program gives students the opportunity to graduate high school with a college associate’s degree

Germanna Community Collegeâ??s first Germanna Scholars program class began taking classes at GCCâ??s Daniel Center in Culpeper Friday.

Twenty-five students from Eastern View and Culpeper County high schools began their studies at Germanna.

Theyâ??ll be able to earn associateâ??s degrees in May 2016, the month before they graduate from high school, through a combination of dual enrollment and co-enrollment classes taught by Germanna faculty members. Students in the program will be able to earn credit for classes that may be transferred to four-year colleges and universities.

â??Sounded like a pretty darn good idea,â? said Brett Leake, a junior at Eastern View whose mother Sharon is a nursing faculty member at GCC.

â??Iâ??m kind of excited to get my associateâ??s degree and graduate while Iâ??m still in high school,â? said Travis Jackson, another junior at Eastern View.

Theyâ??ll be able to accomplish this entirely at Germannaâ??s Joseph R. Daniel Technology Center, without leaving Culpeper County. Theyâ??re bused from their high schools to the Daniel Center in the morning, then back for afternoon classes at Culpeper and Eastern View.

â??We have an excellent group for our first Germanna Scholars cohortâ? said Germanna Dean of Student Development Pam Frederick. â??Iâ??m very impressed. Theyâ??re intelligent, motivated, and well prepared.â?

The program begins with this group of 25 students. Plans are for a second 25 to enter the program in August 2015.

Germannaâ??s tuition, currently $139 per credit hour, is one third to half that of a typical four-year college, so families of students working toward a bachelorâ??s degree often see substantial savings.

The Culpeper County Public Schools identified eligible students based on financial need and submitted those lists to the GCC Education Foundation. Eligible students receive financial assistance towards their tuition, fees, and books, in accordance with available funds.

Otherwise, participating students will pay the tuition and fees set for Germanna by the State Board for Community Colleges. The high schools will collect the tuition and fees from the students and the college will bill the schools on a semester basis.

The college will provide Culpeper County Public School officials with progress reports on each student. At the conclusion of each college academic term, the student will receive a college grade for each course in which he or she was registered and such grades will become part of the student’s permanent college record.

Participating students are:
Geri Lynn Beamer
Jennifer Elizabeth Bosserman
Emily Caroline Boutchyard
Wyatt Richard Coughlin
Brianna Nicole Deleon
Wiliiam Jeffrey Dietz
Alexis Brianna Green
Hadiya Nicole Hairston
Emily Rose Henderliter
Tramayne Rachell Huguely
Kaitlyn Rae Hunsaker
Travis Eugene Jackson
Austin Troy Kauffmann
Rachel Elizabeth Kidwell
Brett Austen Leake
David William Nichols III
Maya Robyn Perez
Katherine Aileen Portillo
Emily Elizabeth Ray
Jessica Nicole Ritz
Teneshia Renae Robinson
Esther Afi Sewordor
Noah Linn Shealy
Rachel Katharine Smith
Matthew Owen Wall