Readers have chosen their favorites

Readers have chosen their favorites

They are starting to show up. Reader’s Choice window decals in restaurants and retail establishments. When you spot one, you’ll know that this business or business professional has garnered the votes of our readers. They’ve taken the time to go to our website and first nominate a favorite and then return to vote for them.

We’ve recently tallied your Reader’s Choice 2014 Summer choices.

Planning a wedding?

Kimberla’s Bridal Boutique and David’s Bridal earned top honors as those places to help make your special day memories as did Good Earth Flowers and Randy’s Flowers. It’s a known scientific fact that having flowers around whether at your bedside or as visual centerpieces are an immediate picker-upper. It just makes you feel good to have them them in your presence. Culpeper’s floral shop choices have owners passionate about their craft and ability to provide artistic ambiance with flowers.

Culpeper County Club and the State Theatre provide great spaces for receptions or private parties while Culpeper Presbyterian Church and Precious Blood Catholic Church were chosen no doubt for their special sense of sanctuary.

When it comes to medical care, Culpeper has several good options. Culpeper Eye Association and Total Eyes were reader’s top choices for seeing things clearly. Contact lenses have come a long way from those hard ones that had a way of slipping down the drain to multi-focal disposable lenses. Trust me, no reading glasses necessary.

CMA Family Physicians and Culpeper Family Practice and their staffs have a growing clientele of satisfied patients who trust their services. Perhaps there are only a few doctors who make house calls anymore but having ones with good bedside manner and a sincere, caring smile are important when it comes to your family’s health.

Culpeper Pharmacy and Rite Aid were top choices as places to purchase meds and remedies for what ails you.

Doc Synder’s Verdun Adventure Bound was picked as the top recreation spot. Perhaps you’ve been or know someone who has taken up one of their challenge courses or summer camps or gone to the amphitheatre for a summer performance. It’s all good.

Mountain Run Lake and Yowell Meadow Park were also high on the list as favorite parks and places to play. If you’ve got relatives coming to town, the Best Western and Holiday Inn Express were chosen as top places to stay.

I recently came back from a trip to Savannah, Georgia. I was surprised, but it seems to be a tradition, that folks will start drinking mid morning in Savannah. And, it’s legal to walk down the street carrying a beer or smoothie on steriods or peach sangria. Everyone is in a festive mood and all the alcohol strolling the streets seems to have an air of civility about it rather than recipe for revelry.

Well, let’s not try that on Davis Street but capturing top honors for a place to have a drink and perhaps a bit of cheese is Jeffery Mitchell’s Culpeper Cheese Company. Just up the street or down, depending on which way you are walking, John Yanall’s Copper Fish also made the list. Both good places, good owners and I doubt they’d let you leave carrying your drink.

No question when it comes to bakery of choice. Knakal’s Bakery took that honor. You can’t be in Culpeper long before hearing about their donuts and sweet treats. You’ll always find something tempting in the front windows.

Thai Culpeper and Baby Jim’s Snack Bar are local favorites in the ‘take-out’ food category. Imagine beating out all the fast food chains. Pretty impressive â?? so is their food.

Wait, I didn’t double copy it. Culpeper Cheese Company came up again as a reader’s choice when it comes to a place to eat. Jeff has tasty sandwiches and soups. Frank Maragos Foti’s remains a Davis Street go-to place. Frank and Suzanne brought their Inn at Little Washington expertise to Culpeper several years ago. Not only luring folks from Northern Virginia, Foti’s has added to their customer base over the years from Culpeper and surrounding counties in the Piedmont. Always fresh, always prepared with flair and always presented with a smile, a lunch or dinner at Foti’s is a foodie experience not to be missed.

Winewise, Barrel Oak in Delaplane shared honors with the Kearney’s Old House Vineyards.

More and more, wineries are all about ambiance while sipping wine. Both of these establishments have that and more…flexibility and fun when having your flights.

Pizza from Luigi’s and Ciro’s. No problem with either. People and their pizza is a curious phenomenon. Thick, pan-tossed, thin, circular, square, gluten-free but all with yummy sauce, cheese and delicious toppings. And, the owners make a difference as well. Adds to the taste.

Full Circle Thrift and Goodwill remain the area’s first choices when it comes to bargains other than local dollar stores. Both of these places offer more than low cost items. Proceeds help the community.

Culpeper Times Reader’s Choice Top Summer 2014 Winners


Bridal store
Kimberla’s Bridal Boutique
David’s Bridal

Good Earth Flowers
Randy’s Flowers

Local Event Venue
Culpeper Country Club
State Theatre

Culpeper Presbyterian Church
Precious Blood Catholic Church


Eye Doctor
Culpeper Eye Association
Total Eyes

Family Practice
CMA Family Physicians
Culpeper Family Practice

Culpeper Pharmacy
Rite Aid


Summer Recreation
Verdun Adventure Bound
Mountain Run Lake

Local Park
Mountain Run Lake
Yowell Meadow

Hotel/Motel Chain
Best Western
Holiday Inn Express


Culpeper Cheese Company
Copper Fish

Knakal’s Bakery

Thai Culpeper
Baby Jim’s Snack Bar

Local Restaurant
Culpeper Cheese Company

Local Vineyard
Barrel Oak
Old House Vineyards

Ciro’s Pizza


Movie Theater
Regal Culpeper
Culpeper Movies

Fair/Ag Event
Culpeper Farmer’s Market
Culpeper County Fair

Mountain Run Lake
Yowell Meadow Park

Culpeper Rec Club
TheWharf Warrenton


Culpeper Animal Hospital
Blue Ridge Animal Hospital

Alpha Kennels
Mountain Run Kennels

Wash n Wag
Alpha Kennels

Pet Store


Antique Shop
Country Shoppes
Minute Man Mini Mall

Thrift Store
Full Circle Thrift

Bargain Store
Dollar Tree
TJ Max

Dollar Store
Family Dollar
Dollar Tree

Reader’s Choice 2014 Fall Categories

Nominations will begin in late August with voting in September and October. Click Reader’s Choice logo on our website at


Fall Fix-up/Gardening:
Fall Project
Local Nursery/Garden Center
Fall Flower/Plant/Tree
Local Furniture Store
Heating & Air

Recreation for Seniors
Hair Salon for Seniors
Assisted Care Center for Seniors
Activity for Seniors
Senior Living Center
Place to Play Bingo
Discount for Seniors

High School Team
College Team
Professional Team
High School Coach
Tailgate Food
Local High School AD

Fall Family Event
Fall Day Trip
Local Corn Maze