Open ’till Thanksgiving

Farmers Market
The Culpeper Downtown Farmerâ??s Market is the longest running and most successful market in the Culpeper area. The market originally opened in the late 1950s. After residing at different locations over 50 years, the market finally shifted to its present location at the East Davis Street parking lot located in the Depot district.

Terry Osborn, Chairman of the Vendor Committee, has been a vendor at the market on an off for about 25 years. She is the owner of Corvallis Farms, LLC. Saturday morning Osborn was selling berries, greens, herbs, flowers and jams.

â??Weâ??re very happy Culpeper Renaissance has taken the market under their wing,â? said Osborn. â??The market has grown since they took it over.â?

Osborn also attributes the markets success to Tom Henneman who has been managing the market for seven years. Henneman oversees all the details and logistics on site for the market as well as hiring entertainment.

â??The market has more than 30 vendors this year,â? Henneman said. â??The real treat is getting locally grown produce and youâ??re supporting area farmers.â?

There are about 10 new vendors at this yearâ??s market. Willowlyn Farmâ??s in Catlett is one them. Owner Matt Eustace said he researched and carefully considered the markets at which he wanted to be a vendor.

â??I think the Culpeper Market does really well with local vendors from the tri-county area,â? Eustace said.

But there was no shortage of traditional vendors that have been coming for many years, like Silk Ear Farm owned by Bob and Joan Duxbury. They have been raising bees for more than 15 years.

Bob Duxbury is an expert beekeeper and says keeping honey bees has been a dream of theirs for many years.

â??Iâ??ve always been fascinated by bees,â? Bob Duxbury said. â??Bees are an integral part of our food system.â?

Patty Johnson of Pannillâ??s Gate Farm has been running cows since she married Scott Johnson in 1994.

â??All the cattle we sell in these coolers were born and raised on our farm,â? Patty said. â??Six kids and almost 20 years later, I stay home with the kids and the cows. We call ourselves beef producers.â?

Supporting locally grown fruit, vegetables, herbs, flowers, locally raised beef, pork, lamb, poultry, and much more with the Buy Fresh, Buy Local campaign, if you go to the Culpeper Farmerâ??s Market be prepared for a treat for all the senses.

The market is open every Saturday through the Saturday before Thanksgiving Nov. 22 from 7:30 a.m. until noon.

New vendors this year include Alpaca Punch Farms, The Bread Depot, The Starving Artist, Gennin Farms, Willowlyn Farms, Rickâ??s Roasters Coffee, Cold Pantry, P.R.A.Y.

For more about the Culpeper’s Farmers Market, contact Tom Hennaman 540-825-4416