Rich Crowley’s Snapshot of Culpeper

Guy with a beard

This is a different “Snapshot” than the others I have done. This features a GWAB (guy with a beard) and as I will explain leads you to lots of other Culpeper GWABs. Ed Reno was the first bearded guy that I shot for this project. I was 90 percent sure he would not let me take his picture because he looks like a rugged individual and those guys occasionally will not let their picture be taken, but he just said, “Shoot away!” Ed informed me that he is a plumber. His wife, Diane, who was with him, is a real sweetheart. I am using Ed to invite you to visit my “Faces of Culpeper” blog which this time is called, “Beards, Beards, and More Beards” and is a lot of fun. The pictures of more than 40 men of the Pepper are in this one. My blog address is always listed below. Just put that in the search space in your Google, or AOL, or Yahoo or what ever you use and hit enter.

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