Meet Hank Milans III – Candidate for town council

Hank Milans III hails from a long line of Milans. He can count as his ancestors early residents in Culpeper and further back to the Civil War. He’s proud of his legacy and the walls of his home on West Street reflect that heritage. They are adorned with old photos and also framed certificates of his accomplishments from his days as a Jaycee member and Lions Club.

He also owns Buck Run Farms. From his property there, he can look out over the fields that were once the stage for the Battle of Cedar Mountain.

As a town employee slated to retire in July of this year, Milans feels well qualified to take on the time commitments and challenges of sitting on town council.

“I’ve always thought about it,” said Milans who said he didn’t have to go door-to-door to obtain the necessary 125 signatures to have him certified by the county registrar.

“I’m over at the Powell Wellness Center a lot,” grinned Milans, who said it was easy to gather signatures. On the treadmill, in the pool, exercising or spinning, Milans devotes a portion of his week working out and staying healthy. He said that many of his neighbors are supportive of his run for council.

With a degree in accounting, Milans knows numbers and smiles saying, “I have a super memory.”

Currently serving as the town’s construction inspector coordinating the Inner Loop project, Milans understands the layers and intricacies of streets and roads and all that goes underneath and over them in terms of infrastructure.

It’s this insider’s look at projects and the budgets associated with them that Milans believes will bode well for him on council.

“I can look at an item in the budget and immediately see the fat,” said Milans.

Hank has worked on numerous projects throughout the years to enhance recreational opportunities. He’d like to do more.

“I’d like to see us build a community pool,” said Milans, “perhaps with a bubble over it and then it could be used year-round.”

“Look at the folks with the dog park…they got together, worked with the town, planned it, put some money in and made it happen…we can do that…get it started.”

When Hank first arrived in Culpeper in 1969, one of the first gentlemen he met was John Gore. Milans credits Gore with his decades long involvement in civic affairs.

“Jaycees was the best thing I ever did,” said Milans. “It got me involved in the community right away.”

Since then he has gone on to be involved with the Museum of Culpeper History, Culpeper Renaissance, the Mid-Day Lions and the 4th of July Festival Committee.

Hank’s are those sparkling blue eyes and broad smile behind the hamburgers and hot dogs for the annual celebration.

Milan’s collection of cast iron skillets reveals one of his penchants.

“I like to cook,” says Hank.

Scheduled to retire this summer, Milans hopes to continue his service to the town residents by serving on council. He’s keen on continuing to promote the development of downtown Culpeper beyond Davis Street. He’s an advocate for recreation and would like to see a community center and a town and county pool.

He’s got a common sense approach to managing the town’s dollars and cents. He believes in fiscal responsibility.

“If you vote an item in, you need to know where the funds are coming from,” says Milans.

“People are telling me that I would be a good asset on the council, I get along well others…you can have your disagreements on issues but when you walk out the door, you’re still friends.”

Sometimes it’s those quiet, behind the scenes guys, that don’t make headlines and don’t necessarily enter a room with a bang, but they accomplish good things by their steadfast, consistent and committed actions to make a place better.

Hank Milans III is of that breed and, if elected, would no doubt serve his constituents well.


Hank moved to Culpeper in the summer of 1969 when his father purchased Blue Ridge Auto Parts (NAPA). He later owned Skyline Auto Part (NAPA) in Warrenton. Other than a two-year stint in the Army in the early 70s, Hank has called Culpeper home since then.

Since 1969, Hank has been a member of the Jaycees earning numerous awards for his service and commitment as well as serving as president, regional director and state vice-president.

An advocate for community involvement, Milans currently serves on the Board of Directors for Culpeper Renaissance, Inc. In that capacity, he is chairman of the Third Thursday Summer Concert Series, serves on the finance committee, design committee, and promotions committee. He is a member of CEDAC (Culpeper Economic Advisory Committee), the Mid-Day Lions, and as Vice-Chairman of the 4th of July Festival Committee.

Want to contact Hank?

Phone: 540-825-0832