Fairview Cementary Annual Spring Clean-Up

Town employees are preparing for spring clean-up at Fairview Cemetery in preparation of the upcoming holidays and summer season. They are filling graves, seeding, fertilizing, and trimming trees and bushes as necessary.

The town administration requests that BEFORE MONDAY, MARCH 17, owners or family members remove all non-permanent decorations from their graves that they wish to salvage or re-use. There are many memorial wreaths and other floral decorations that have weathered during the winter, and these need to be permanently removed. Also, items that are not specifically permitted by Town policy must be removed.

As a reminder, only two floral arrangements may be placed on a grave at one time and should be securely anchored or in a non-breakable vase or container; floral displays attached to stones are encouraged and permitted all year. Withered, faded, and unsightly flowers will be removed. No floral arrangements are allowed within the mowing aisles.

Cemetery lot owners wishing to install permanent items such as stones, flags, benches, statues, or plantings must apply for and obtain a permit or permission from the Town prior to installation.

The following items are STRICTLY PROHIBITED:

Glass containers
Garden, commercial, or advertising flags
Fencing and borders
Wood chips
Decorative rocks
All other decorative items not listed above.

The town administration would also like to remind the public that floral remembrances are placed in Fairview by members of a loved one’s family. The Town Code prohibits anyone without authority from removing or injuring any monument or decoration in the cemetery, and such acts are punishable as larceny. Anyone furnishing information resulting in an arrest and conviction of unauthorized individuals removing or injuring any monument or decoration in Fairview Cemetery will receive a $500 reward.

Thanks for your cooperation.