State Theatre’s stage will welcome 24 semi-finalists

Move over, “American Idol.” Quiet down, “The Voice.” Make room for “Culpeper Has Talent!”

A production of Hump Day Media and Buffalo Wild Wings, Culpeper’s premier talent show takes to the stage of the State Theater Friday, February 21, at 8 p.m. There, 24 semi-finalists will compete for cash, other prizes – and recognition that is well-deserved and long overdue.

The idea for “Culpeper Has Talent” arose when Gordon Humphrey of Hump Day Media discussed promotional opportunities with Culpeper’s Buffalo Wild Wings Grill & Bar. Those talks sparked the idea of a county-wide talent show, and the show took flight with lightning speed.

“We met in early January,” Humphrey recalls. “Just two weeks later, we had our first try-outs.” Now, “Culpeper Has Talent” is poised to become one of the most popular events in the county. President of Hump Day Media, a full-service media and promotions firm based in Culpeper, Humphrey hopes to make the show an annual if not bi-annual event.

Assisting Humphrey is long-time friend and collaborator Sonja Wise. An artist, web designer, marketing expert and president of So Wise Co., Ms. Wise said she and . Humphrey are kindred creative spirits. Uncovering the hidden talent in Culpeper has been for her “a total pleasure” and “pure passion.”

Competitors range in age from 7th graders on up to young adults.

“We have an amazing drummer in 7th grade, a phenomenal rapper in middle school, several in high school and adult performers in their 30s and possibly 40s,” she said.

Take in the spectacle Friday night. Show your support for performers brimming with talent: 24 singers, dancers, bands, drummers, rappers, comedians and much more. A total of nine acts will be chosen by a panel of three judges that night. Those nine will move on to the ultimate final competition on April 5.

But there will be a 10th act chosen – right now, by people like you. Vote now for your favorite performer by going online. The act that garners the most votes will compete as a “fan favorite” in the April 5 finals with the nine finalists selected Friday night by the judges.

A sign of the popularity of “Culpeper Has Talent” can be seen in the online voting for fan favorites. More than 1,000 have already cast their vote.

Said Wise: “Friday will be one exciting experience!”

If You Go

Culpeper Has Talent
Semi-Final Competition
Friday, February 21, at 8 p.m.
The State Theater on Main Street, Culpeper

Tickets range from $15 to $25.
Click on “VOTE” to cast your ballot for a “fan favorite.”

Contact: Gordon Humphrey at (540) 229-9889 or

More information:
Buffalo Wild Wings Grill & Bar, 763 Nalles Mill Rd.

Ten finalists will be chosen, one by voters

Come out on Friday, February 21 at 8 p.m. to support Culpeper’s local talent.

1. Adwela

2. Agon Musliu

3. Brian Sauerwald

4. Brittany Wease

5. Cadence McCahn

6. Cassandra Cashmere Stanton

7. Chris Walker

8. Dealeon

9. Equally Opposites

10. Gisselle Smith

11. Maddison Hicks

12. Johnny 3 & The Barstool Prophets

13. John Johnson, Jr.

14. Kevin Rogers

15. Lauren Kube

16. Logan Bowers

17. Mandorla

18. Meme Downs

19. Mic L. Shawn

20. Mo Safren

21. S-Em-Cee

22. Take 2

23. Taylor Johnson

24. We Stay Summer