Rich Crowley’s Snapshot of Culpeper

This is a feel good story. This house is owned by a gentleman named Tony who is originally from the Philippines and it is pretty spectacular. In my opinion it is the best decorated house in Culpeper. It has a very impressive light and sound show that is run by computer through a program Tony made. He has the sound broadcast so that it will play through the radios of cars that are passing by if they just dial 107.1. The lights are synchronized with the sound. It is so fun! When Tony first came here he found that he wanted to provide a gift for his kids and all the other kids in Culpeper. He has done that and then some. Tony is a Registered Respiratory Therapist and is shown here with two of his three sons, Carlos and Christopher. They live on Belle Avenue right at the top of the hill…..can’t miss it.

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