Pardon me as I rebel

I have a question.

Did I miss the meeting where all of womankind got together and voted that only extreme left wing females would decide what constituted “Women’s issues” and how they would be represented?

Judging by what they came up with I would imagine it was attended by an incredibly loud, misinformed, and quite frankly promiscuous group of “ladies.” You can’t watch a single news channel today without some overly emotional, low information, far left shrew reducing “Women’s issues” to taxpayer subsidized contraception and abortion.

Thanks for that! After centuries of fighting for the vote, property rights and general respect in the work place, leftist women have set us back about a 100 years by narrowly defining “Women’s issues” around the concept of “consequence-less” sex and refusing to take responsibility for your offspring. Tell me, when did the warped mindset of dead beat, worthless men, become the battle cry of the Women’s Rights Movement? It’s as if liberal women everywhere are getting their marching orders spoon fed to them by lecherous, aging hippie, male professors.

Note to the Democratic Party…ALL ISSUES ARE WOMEN’S ISSUES! I actually have a perspective on education as someone who has taught, on national defense as someone who has been a military wife, on taxes as someone who balances the family budget, on healthcare as someone who has almost lost a child, but nope! According to the left wing estrogen brigade, I am only allowed to think about political issues as they directly relate to my “girlie parts.”

Tell me ladies, after having reduced us to nothing more than a uterus and a pair ovaries do you honestly think you are being taken seriously by anyone?

I have news for my militant liberal sisters…you are not respected, you are a mockery. Your inarticulate, poorly thought-out and highly emotional tirades, cause thinking women and men to treat you like the petulant adolescents you portray. As long as you can be appeased by manufactured platitudes and “free” abortifacient, you will continue to personify the caricature of the non-thinking,
emotionally driven, weak minded female. Your individual freedom and liberty will continue to be taken away by higher taxation, intrusive government and diminished opportunity, while you carry water for a political party that says you’re a strong, independent woman, just so long as you’re a “good girl” and keep your remarks relegated to the select talking points they’ve provided.

In the end you will have realized that you surrendered the dignity of both your gender and the rights won for you by virtuous women over a century ago by trading the dream of equality before the law for equal depravity with those who once believed we lacked the judgment and mental capacity to be equal members of our community.

So, for the sake of all of us, wake up, grow up and take your rightful place as a thinking individual woman to be respected, instead of just another easily manipulated interest group beholden to the Democratic Party.

Tina Freitas