Enough is enough…no thank you

This is in response to the 1st Chairman of the Culpeper Democrats suggesting we should “Thank the Democratic Party.”

In his letter to the Culpeper Times on behalf of the Culpeper Democratic Committee (Sept. 19), Mr. Boyd illustrates a common problem I have had with many liberal Democrats. Their insistence on rewriting history with respect to their own history and policies and their blatant misrepresentation of others.

Modern Democrats understandably desire to hide from much of their history. From the pro slavery party to the party of Jim Crow, and ever since the late 1800s the party of big government, Democrats have had a difficult time reconciling the results of their policies with their stated intentions.

Mr. Boyd, for instance, speaks glowingly of the policies of the 1930s and how Democrats helped the poor and built up the middle class. Has he forgotten that the 30s was a decade of unemployment that never went below 15 percent?

It is not as if he can blame anything but progressive/liberal policies. Liberal Progressives held almost complete control of the government during this time. What kind of a person can look at over 10 years of massive poverty, where the government arrested people for offering their customers a five-cent discount on dry cleaning, or consuming corn they grew on their own property as a violation of the interstate commerce clause and brag about it as if that constitutes genuine concern for the poor and those struggling to get by?

Mr. Boyd claims credit for things like “free healthcare,” but fails to recognize how nice sounding polices really affect people. Democrats are now responsible for peoples hours getting cut to 29 hours a week, because employers cannot afford the Obamacare penalties. If Obamacare is such a great idea, why did the Democrats in congress vote to exempt themselves and their staffs from the program?
Perhaps the most disturbing aspect of the modern Democratic platform is its over reliance on the use of force to impose its will. Democrats have become increasingly impatient with the democratic process and the limitations placed on government by our Constitution. This is evident by their insistence on over regulation and taxation. Hardworking Americans are now working up to four months a year just to pay their taxes. Again, these taxes are all raised in the name of helping people, but are then wastefully spent by politicians in an attempt to provide favors for their friends.

Is this what I am supposed to thank Democrats for? When I have completed another 70-80 week away from my family doing my job only to watch close to a third of my pay go to various local, state and federal taxes? As I follow the rules, work hard and try to build a better life for my children only to have another Democrat in my face telling me “I don’t pay my fair share,” or “I didn’t build that,” etc., am I supposed to thank you for that?

I have news for you, Mr. Boyd, it is not I who should thank you, but you who should thank me and every other hard working American. You need me to keep working and producing in order to fund your welfare state and the demeaning dependency it creates. You have not only taken from the hardworking, you have insulted them while you have done it and frivolously wasted the fruits of other peoples labor on failed policies. Just how much more of my freedom, time and money will you require to feed your desire to control where I work, what I drive, the food I buy, the hours I work, the schools I send my children to? Enough is enough Mr. Boyd, thanks…but no thanks.

Nick Freitas