Drastic mistake in electing Frederick

Kudos to your paper for its editorial in the May 23, 2013, edition, in which it was finally acknowledged publicly that former Culpeper County Commonwealth’s Attorney Paul Walther was not even named among the many defendants in the civil suit seeking money damages by Michael Hash’s experienced attorneys for alleged wrongdoing in his murder prosecution. That fact alone confirms how misleading Megan Frederick’s allegations were during her successful campaign for Commonwealth’s Attorney, and, at the same time, exposes the nature of her character and integrity.

It was certainly interesting that your paper noted, “Sadly for Culpeper but fortunately for Fauquier, Walther has found a home in the Fauquier County Commonwealth’s Attorney’s office with Jim Fisher, where he is deemed a valuable asset.” It is something more and more citizens of Culpeper are coming to realize; a drastic mistake was made in electing the inexperienced lawyer, Frederick. She’s been involved in one controversy after another since taking office which has brought embarrassment to our community and her being barred from a court clerk’s office speaks volumes.

Samuel R. Walker