Teen Talk: Thanksgiving for wrestlers

When I think of Thanksgiving, I instantaneously think of food.

And as we know, with the consumption of food comes calories, which in turn raises that dreaded number on the scale.

While many of us weren’t really thinking about the addendum of calories until after the fact on Thanksgiving Day, on the other end of the spectrum ― wrestlers were always thinking about that number.

“Weight is where you start, but it’s deeper than that. It’s how much commitment and dedication you have. What you put in, is what you get out,” senior Tony Pritt said. “On Thanksgiving I don’t eat a lot; I take good portions. I’ve done it for five years.”

In order to make weight, wrestlers often skip one or two meals per day.

Sophomore Nicholas Monetta used to even go a whole day without eating, but luckily this season he will be moving up a weight class.

“I was watching my weight until there were two other people in my weight class…so the coach is pushing me up to another weight class. I’ve been eating a lot for the past couple days,” Monetta said.

This past Thanksgiving, while most of us weren’t giving a second thought about our fourth slice of pumpkin pie, I decided to dedicate one of mine to the wrestlers who couldn’t eat it with me.

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